It Only Takes One Person To Make A Difference

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It Only Takes One Person to Make a Difference

What if the question wasn’t  what are you grateful for but, how are you changing the world and impacting the lives of others because you are grateful  that you have been given the chance to serve others? The most courageous  act a person can ever do is to make a difference in someone else’s life. When we understand and grasp the knowledge that our lives are not all about us,  and we begin to think and act globally, that very action will make a tremendous impact in our communities and the world we live in. We will see lives being transformed  by the very fact that we care about what is happening around us. We will not sit still and watch our communities come to  ruin when we have the capability to be a champion by serving others.

If we desire Change then we must first be the Change we want to see. Transformation starts with a willingness to step out of the box and realize that although you are one person, you are that one person that is able to impact the world and make a difference.