A Passionate Team Working for the Greater Good

Transforming communities into places where life can be enjoyed.

Inspired to Bring About Change

Building Communities, Together

We believe every resident should enjoy building a life in the community they call home. Alongside the incredible partners and individuals dedicated to influencing change in their own communities, we work to improve the overall health, welfare, and safety of neighbourhoods. Our goal is to create a place where people may be valued, supported, and encouraged every time they leave their home- all while feeling safe and secure. 

Why We Do What We Do

Our organization was initially created to meet the needs of the Mornelle Court community after a series of horrific gun violence took the life of a 17-year-old teenager who was sent by his mother to purchase a bag of milk. Not only was this young man unable to fulfill his purpose in life, but his death sent ripples of fear and anxiety throughout the community. Parents, afraid to send their children to school or allow them to walk throughout the neighbourhood, needed a support system they could trust. We recognized this need and made it our mission to help lessen the activity and effects of gun violence while bringing peace back to community members. 

Our Mission Begins With You

Our mission is to improve residents’ lives in communities by bringing forth change and inspiring hope and safety. Our focus, our passion lies in improving the health, safety and welfare of the neighbourhoods we work within while creating a place where every person can play, work and grow together. Through providing resources and helpful and relevant information, we can build a secure, peaceful, diverse and inclusive community for all to enjoy. 

Our Vision is Simple. Our Message is Clear.

Empowering Lives to Build Stronger Communities

Together we are working to improve the development of communities, to build a space where learning and knowledge are a priority, and to equip residents with the resources and information they need to have a positive influence in their neighbourhoods.


How We Value You and Your Community

Every person has a story. We are considerate of everyone’s unique life experiences and strive to create a space in which people can come together, share their stories, and be met with compassion and acceptance.
Mindfulness: Social & Physical Health
The health and well-being of a community are determined by the health and well-being of those who call it home. By fostering and supporting the social, mental and physical health of residents, neighbourhoods can thrive.
Every single person has something spectacular to offer the world. Our team is dedicated to creating spaces where people are free to reach their full potential. Self-empowerment and goal-oriented education are at the heart of everything that we do. 
Impacting Change
Change begins when we encourage people to recognize it, embrace it and pursue it. We can create a better future when we put self-determination and community-focused planning into action.
Inclusivity & Diversity
What makes us unique is something to be celebrated! We work diligently to create an environment where our qualities and diverse talents are appreciated, utilized, and encouraged.

Special Recognition

Angela Brackett
Angela Brackett is long standing community leader in Mornelle Court and through her love for people and selfless passion for giving back, she has become a role model...
Blossom Wynters
Blossom Wynters has been volunteering with this organization since 2009. Her involvement in the Safe Walk program has been beneficial to the community...
Marlene Mackinnon-Vanderlugt
Marlene has been an active volunteer with Mornelle All-Stars since 2018. She has shown dedication...

Shanti Chand

Shanti Chand is very passionate about empowering individuals. She is a dedicated individual who seeks every opportunity to assist and takes the initiative...

Advisory Committee

Tina Harden
Tina Harden is a passionate leader who inspires and motivates people both professionally and in the community.
Channon Oyeniran
Channon is currently the first Vice-President for the Ontario Black History Society.
Randy Bhagwan
Randy is the Administrator & Communications Manager for the organization.
Zara Bakhtiar
Zara builds strong professional relationships with all people of diverse backgrounds.
Travis Brown
Travis finds new grants to pursue as well as assists in the grant application process.