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Community Outreach Programs

Safe Walk Program

Our Safe Walk Program is the first service we developed in 2009 to provide support to parents after significant shootings took the life of a seventeen-year-old teenager in 2008. We work to ensure students arrive to and from school safely and provide information to parents regarding school activities, updates and news. The Safe Walk Program also serves to prevent gang enrollment and participation in illegal influences by providing positive adult supervision. 

Adult volunteers provide support to five children each day, as per the Childcare and Early Years Act (2014) or ten children depending on age. All volunteers follow a predetermined route to pick students up from their homes and drop students off following the same route. If students are registered in our Afterschool Program, we ensure they arrive to and from the program as well.

All volunteers have training in First Aid, CPR, Conflict Management Resolution and have passed both Criminal Reference Checks and Vulnerable Sector Screening.

Date: Monday - Friday
Time: 8am & 3pm
Frequency: Daily
Target: Grade 1-8

After-School Program

Our After-School Program’s mission is to provide safe and supervised after school education, enrichment, and recreation for children in grades 1-12.  

Our after school program helps children and teens stay active, gain confidence, fulfill their educational needs, build self-esteem, develop leadership skills, create healthy relationships, and strengthen their problem solving and social skills. They can accomplish this all while decreasing their exposure to negative influences. We also encourage independent learning and homework completion and provide tutoring in math, reading, English, science, social studies, French and so forth. 

Enrichment activities include participation in a book club, group activities, art and crafts, poetry, and playwriting. Students remain active through recreational activities as well!

Creating a healthy community starts by recognizing and providing for children’s needs so that they may become leaders in their neighbourhoods. We believe that a safe community is a foundation for considerable social impact. 

Date: Monday - Thursday
Time: 3:45-6 pm
Frequency: Four days a week.
Target: Grade 1-12

March Break Camp and PA Days (Extended Program)

Our March break camp provides age-appropriate activities such as sports, recreation, games, and art and crafts. Our March Break program is one week long and features programs that also help children increase their confidence and social skills. 

Our goal is to not only provide a safe space for children to enjoy their March break but empower them to achieve their goals as well! Student registration is offered to all members of the community. 

Our camp is designed to;

  • Enhance life skills that extend into adulthood. 
  • Nurture social skills
  • Build self-confidence
  • Encourage personal growth
  • Build leadership skills  
  • Build and strengthen relationships/ friendships
  • Reinforce active living
  • Learn the importance of teamwork
  • Learn how to problem-solve
  • Build effective communication skills

Summer Camp

Our summer camps are designed to help campers obtain the life skills needed to become successful adults. 

During our camps, children gain valuable life skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem-solving. Communication and teamwork are at the centre of all of the activities that we do. Whether a child is joining us for the first time or is a returning camper, we help them learn to navigate and solve problems by themselves. 

Camp educates the whole child. We believe there is more to learning than achieving good grades. Camp creates powerful learning environments and acts as a place where a child’s social education is the focus. With the opportunity to try new activities, children can build their self-esteem, develop social skills, and be a part of a supportive community. 

Professional Activity (PA) Day

Professional activity days take place once a month, as specified by the school board. PA Days serve children from the ages of 5-13 and are comprised of a 5-hour program featuring activities that all ages can enjoy. 

Youth Program

Our Youth Programs are designed with a specific goal in mind; empowering youth while providing a safe space for them to spend their time. We hope that by investing in our youth, we can reduce the effects of negative influences that typically lead to violence. 

The communities we serve are diverse in their population and find it challenging to reduce the vulnerability to violence, specifically towards youth. Our Youth Program is designed to provide an equal opportunity space where teenagers can be creative, develop leadership skills, gain access to employment services and increase their resilience and emotional capacity. Our goal is to provide a place where youths are encouraged to take a positive approach to their life choices and be active participants in their community. 

Volunteers provide support and services in training, resume writing, interview preparation and searching for a job suited for their talents. Youths have access to computers and training, one-on-one sessions, and workshops. We also facilitate connections with suitable employers and provide courses in CPR, food handling, customer service, and the Canadian Smart Serve program, when appropriate.

Seniors Program

Seniors contribute so much to our communities. Our Seniors Program provides a space where seniors can be social and stay active through therapeutic activities, improving their overall quality of life. 

Program activities work to build a sense of pride and well-being while encouraging health and wellness, personal independence, active community life and social interactions. Brain games, trivia, exercise, gardening, intergenerational conversations with youths and children, and trips and birthday celebrations are only some of the activities seniors can participate in together. 

Not only do we aim to help seniors stay connected with others in their community, but we focus on ensuring that every activity works to keep both the mind and body active and healthy. Participants also receive support in managing a healthy diet and personal hygiene. 

Adult Program

Parents, caregivers and young adults have the opportunity to attend our Adult Programs, which are designed to enhance social interactions and improve their overall well-being. Activities work to keep attendees healthy and happy and assist in building strong and cohesive family units. 

With multiple barriers to overcome, such as oppression and racism, low employment, education gaps, limited access to healthcare systems and low-quality housing, our programs in inclusivity and anti-oppression, employment preparation, counselling, legal aid, and housing are welcome. Those who attend gain access to workshops and programs in resume writing, CPR, food handling, smart serve, and resources specific to their job search.

Attendees leave with a sense of belonging and a passion for becoming strong contributors to the growth and development of the community they call home. We are happy to share that this program has improved family and child welfare, specifically parenting, family stability, and overall health and wellness.

Promising Young People and Superheroes of Tomorrow Leadership Program

The Promising Young People and Superheroes of Tomorrow Leadership Program provides the younger generation with mentoring, personal development, and works to improve their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-care. 

Violence and marginalization continue to be an issue in the communities we work with, so our goal is to provide training in financial literacy, community and social interactions. 

Through activities such as the Youth Café and planned social interactions, youth can make connections confidently within society. One-on-one weekly workshops also work to create virtual connections with mentors, build positive relationships, and plan for their future. Youth can enhance their leadership skills and motivation and inspire them to become role models in society.

Our program is built on three pillars: Personal development, positive attitude, and healthy habits.

Mindfulness and Self-Care - Mental Health Support Program

One of the most challenging problems affecting youth’s personal development in today’s society is poor mental health. Our Mindfulness and Self-Care - Mental Health Support Program assists youth in managing their mental health and well-being. It introduces them to coping strategies to combat negative thoughts and actions in a healthy and self-affirming way. 

With our partners’ help, we are able to empower youths to increase their resiliency and live their lives to the fullest while engaging in programs and activities that encourage self-care and positive thinking. 

Our Personal and Professional Development Workshops!

CPR Training
CPR Training workshops are provided to individuals 16 years and older for those seeking employment in the education, community and healthcare sectors. Attendees receive certification, allowing them to move forward in obtaining employment.
Food Handlers Permit
The Food Handling Permit workshop provides training for individuals 14 years old and over who are looking to work within the food, community and health care industries. At the end of the workshop, they will have access to a certificate they can present to potential and current employers. 
Smart Serve
Smart Serve Training is available to individuals 19 years of age or older. Our workshop is delivered by trained professionals and provides qualification and certification by the end of the program period. This is ideal for those seeking to gain employment in the hospitality industry.


Legal Services
We provide support for individuals in need of legal help and administrative assistance. Our services include Family Law, Tribunal Services, Criminal Law and Immigration Law but are not limited to these services.
Furniture Bank
Local furniture banks support those in need of household furniture. We connect individuals to a furniture bank closest to them, in order to help them find items they require.
Second Chances

Our legal support staff offers free advice and resources to our clients. We help with legal aid applications, pardons and record suspensions and bail hearings.